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Photo Gallery

Members of Rotary Club Bennetts Green have been conducting a community fund raising project called “Art on the Wall” since 2007. The aim is to encourage budding artists to purchase a small canvas and paint a subject of their choice using only the minimum three colours provided. The artist can purchase their painting on completion or donate it to the fund raising auction later conducted by the Rotary Club. All proceeds are distributed toward assisting community activities and has been strongly supported in 2008 and 2009 by members of the Windale Men’s Shed.

The project is part of the King Street Fair activities held annually in Newcastle during November.

Art on the Wall

Member of the Windale shed on duty for Art on the Wall

A view of some of the art on the wall in King Street and the rotary club sign


Peter from Bennetts Green Rotary enticing potential artists to participate

A further example of the artwork


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