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Men's Health

Men' health is one of the important factors that underpins the men’s shed environment as most men do not have an awareness of the need to address health issues more frequently. We were approached in the latter part of 2009 by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) to participate in a program called The M5 Project.

The RACGP endeavours to improve the standards of health care for all Australians - especially groups of people with special health care needs. Accordingly, Men’s sheds had been identified as natural catchments for in support of the project. The Project uses the number ‘five’ to break down the barriers that prevent Australian men from going to a GP, and ultimately, save men’s lives. They say it only takes five minutes to get involved and get people thinking. As a start, men can take five preventive steps:

Share your family history with your GP

  • Know your healthy weight
  • Check your blood pressure
  • Stop smoking
  • Maintain a healthy mind and body 


Members were presented with health related information during the year from a range of providers which included hearing assessments, prostate info; physical fitness; diabetes and from Fire & Rescue Tingira Heights, which was a combination of health and safety awareness.


Shed members participated in a Saint John first aid refresher training course at the shed. The session lasted about three hours and included essential programs such resuscitation and defibrillator usage. the training has provided the shed with additional resources in terms of personal safety and injury care in the work place as well as the opportunity for members to take the next step in senior first aid to enhance our existing qualified numbers on the floor.

Members health will be will also be the focus on Monday September 15 when they will have personal hearing test conducted at the shed.


July 2013 Health Check-Spanner in the Works.

Another year rolls by...

A Shed member with the nurse for pre-checks prior to interviw with the doctor.

A Shed member Tony with the nurse for pre-checks prior to interviw with the doctor.



Waiting for the doctor

Shed member Peter at the pre-doctor booth


Member Fred with the doctor

Members waiting for the doctor with Carole & Doreen who assisted on the day.


Mick having his blood tests.



30 May 2013 - Hearing Tests for members

The shed members were able to take advantage of one of the health programs being provided to assist with members health in general. The program was delivered by Lesley from Australian Hearing for twelve members and although was not intrusive, was extremely effective and well delivered by Lesley from Aus Hearing. Several members become more aware of their level of hearing as a result of this program which is planned to be repeated early 2014 for members.

Lesley preparing Carole for hearing test.

Member Carole being tested by Lesley


Health Check 2010

Windale Mens Shed accepted the invitation to conduct a ‘men’s health examination’ at the Windale shed in accordance with the established guidelines. After a lot of arranging, we opened the shed doors at 8am on Thursday 24th Medical session. The session included an assessment of body weight index, measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. The local GP was in attendance accompanied by two nurses who conducted the relevant tests. The doctor made himself available for the session by not taking patient appointments for that morning. He not only addressed the group for about 30 minutes about men's health issues, but talked with individuals who sought further information and actually participated in assisting the nurses during the session.


Shed members lining up.

The local doctor is third on the right with shedders.


The day was a huge success with each participant having available a Health Check Evaluation sheet completed for their GPs information. The success was further complemented by the fact that several attendees admitted to their associates that they hadn’t ‘been to the doctor’ for more than five years. It was a busy morning (finishing about 1pm) as there were approximately 45 men from the Windale and Swansea sheds and about five community attendees who walked in off the street.. These activities not only provides a pathway to improving men's health but encourages interaction with neighbouring shed members who normally just play in their own back yard.




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