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Windale Men’s Shed is a not for profit organisation, a registered Health Promotion Charity  and is endorsed as a Tax Deductible Gift Recipient. Donations are tax deductible.

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The Windale Men's Shed has been established to provide a valuable and safe community place for mature age/retired men to experience social interaction while practicing their career skills to the benefit of the Shed's viability and the local community.The Shed is located at Windale, a Dept of Housing estate established in early 1951, which has its own unique postcode and experiences high unemployment (30 %+) and poverty (60-70% welfare recipients). Windale is still rated to be one of the most disadvantaged postcodes in NSW.   

The New South Wales Premiers Department introduced a community renewal scheme to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of people living in Windale. The concept for a Windale “Men’s Shed” was derived from that renewal scheme. A project coordinator position was established in 2004 to facilitate the various operational requirements such as training modules; workshop procedures/policies and fit-out. The Shed was officially opened in April 2006. 

A variety of programs are introduced for mature age men to become involved in such as producing items for sale; items for raffle prizes; some items for repair from the community as well as supporting fund raising activities such as Bunnings BBQs and selling raffle tickets. Mentoring of youth has been an activity performed by the Shed in earlier days. However, our resources at the present have reluctantly prevented a continuance of mentoring projects.

It is a paradox to other like operations as its support base evolved from within a low socio-economic community from the outset, thereby providing constructive, cost effective planning opportunities to develop within the group that contained a local focus. Power point presentations are regularly made to representatives of agencies such as Centrelink; Hunter Health and other private organisations with a view to obtaining assistance or just distributing awareness and information.    

The Windale Men's Shed is an altruistic group that provides a venue for its members who are drawn from the local and broader community. The SHED works to benefit its members and the broader community while completing projects for financial reward. Gains from the SHED'S operation are distributed to further community projects, community members and shed members. Such income is utilised to maintain the viability of the SHED by covering operational oncost, purchases/maintenance of tools and equipment, and to provide materials for new projects.

The shed also actively supports a number of local schools with dollar and in-kind contributions as funds are available, for selected/special projects that assists the school's direction.

The Windale men's sheds is a community based, not for profit, non-commercial volunteer organisation accessible for mature age persons. However, it is not a service delivery centre, it is simply a friendly environment for mature age persons to attend to practice their career skills and retain social interaction.



In addition to member projects which included small indoor furniture, we completely refurbished some of the prizes for our Christmas raffle such as a metall doll pram, a metal peddle car and a very fine rocking horse. We have completed a Billy Cart as a donation fo a charitable event ran by 'Mum's Cottage' to assist them with their activities and are progressing with making replicas of certain vehicles for another community charity.

We reached a milestone in April by achieving tens years of operatiion which we celebrated by holding a small but significant event at the Shed. Those involved with helping the Shed back in those early days prior to the Shed being built and beyond were invited to attend to receive recognition by a presentation of a specially struck medallion to mark the occasion. We decorated the site with memorabilia including photos and stories from that period which generated quite a bit of interest from the invited guests, of whom we received only one inability to attend. The day was a great success and was also very rewarding for the present members.

During June we were invited to participate in a special 'Street Gareage Sale' held at Eleebana for charity. We provided some of our wares for sale which were popular on the day and supplied a suasage sizzle. Once again we had a very successful day away from the base, in the field. These community events are good for all concerned as they provide a broader community involvement for the association and the members. We anticipate further like community involvement.


The year was spent completing a variety of projects for members and the community. We attended the opening of the Warners Bay Commnunity Garden Project early in the year and assisted them with the opening activities. Several community projects were completed for local schools etc. Many member projects were also completed during the year.

We were once again involved in our usual fund raising activities such as BBQs at several locations and ticket sales for our Christmas raffle. These activities not only provide a source for revenue for the association but they also provide an opportunity for member involement away from the Shed which has a positive bonding effect and strengthens social connections.


Commemorative Garden Project

Windale men's shed's management committee have approved the establishment of a commemorative garden to identify and pay homage to deceased members of the association. The garden is "work in progress" as construction is governed by dollar availability. At the present we have nine deceased members identified in the garden. Below are photos of the garden's progress. The posts have a plaque showing the name of our deceased members.



This is the latest stage showing the coloured gravel on the main part of the garden and we wish to acknowledge CONCRUSH for their valued assistance.


During 2013 - 14

Members of the ‘shed ‘have been very actively involved in fund raising projects to assist with the shed’s sustainability. During 2013 we held several BBQs and late 2013 we were involved in the November Car Boot Sale held at the Hunter Sports Stadium car park and supplied a swing for students from a local special needs school (see Photo Gallery). We also assisted several local schools with student development.

During 2014 so far, we have been involved in a number of community projects such as supplying small picnic type bench seat/table units and several furniture refurbishment projects (see Photo Gallery). We are currently preparing signage for Lake Macquarie City Council in preparation for the forthcoming International Children’s Games, which is to be hosted by the council during December 2014.

Our latest in-house project is the establishment of a Commemorative Garden to identify and pay homage to deceased shed' members. The garden is designed and constructed by the members and will be maintained by the ‘shed’. Photos for this project also appear in the Photo Gallery.

We are very appreciative of the support given by the local and broader community AND our sponsors and supporters. See "Shed Supporters" for further information and links to the relevant supporter's sites.

Above is a member involved in a youth mentoring program at the Small Motors section.

Committee member Mike working on the metal lathe.

Member Don painting saws (plenty saws!) as an ongoing activity.

A few members overviewing a welding project.

Tony and Grahame finishing a door project.

Member Charlie on the bench saw.

Some of the members at the 2013 shed Christmas party.

During 2012

The Windale shed was the recipiant of two Awards, Firstly we was the recipient of a community award offered by the Charlestown Branch of the Commonwealth Bank to celebrate the banks 100 years since the first branch was opened in Melbourne. The second award was for being a finalist in the Regional Achievment Awards (see below) held at Orange on 27/10/2012 and although we didn't get the first prize, just reaching the top three in the state was exciting.

Paresentation by Troy Grant MP

Photos of early activities for the Association.

Finally, construction of  the "Windale Men's Shed” commenced on 31st October 2005.The expected completion of construction was December 2005 when the real work commenced for us with setting up the operation of “The Shed” along with its programs and activities.


Members setting up the shed. It was just like Christmas, unwrapping and assembling tools and equipment. The framework to the right of the  picture is the combined lunch room/office still under construction.


A major fund raising raffle was conducted by the Shed in 2008 with the first prize of power tools to the value of $5000.00 on offer. The  winner of the raffle collected the prize that same day as the draw. Imagine our pleasant surprise when he returned the next day to donate back to the SHED the major power tool item in the prize -a very expensive mitre saw. We were very excited and appreciative of his unselfish generosity, especially when he said he wished to contribute to assisting those disadvantaged youth who may gain by their experience at the SHED.


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